“even a blind squirrel eventually finds a nut once in a while”



 Dave got the awesome idea to order the 5 first seasons of Scrubs, and we basically spent those last 2 weeks on the couch laughing :-)♥

there is this group on Facebook which is called “I learn my life lessons from the 5 last minutes of a Scrubs episode” or something like that… that is sooo true.

plus, while watching more than 60 episodes, we realized something pretty cool (depends on how you define cool of course).

turns out, 6 characters of the orginial cast of Spin City + Heather Locklear appeared in the show !

  Fox appeared as a doctor who has obsessive compulsive desorders first in the episode My Catalyst, then the episode following it, My Porcelain God. Richard Kind has appeared many times as an annoying hypochondriac patient. Alan Ruck made one appearance as a patient in the episode My Lucky Day. Boatman appeared in the episode My Roommates as Dr. Cox’s old friend whose son may have a medical problem. Alexander Chaplin has had a recurring role as a drug addict who tricks many doctors into feeding his addiction. Barry Bostwick appeared in the episode My Dirty Secret as an Episcopalian man with prostate cancer.

the other way around, Ted and The Todd played small parts in Spin City.

Guess why? easy, Bill Lawrence is co producing both shows 🙂

spin city


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