I love my country…eventhough…

JDto keep the Scrubs mood on, I totally felt like JD today (in a more…girly way..but then again..) the thing is I took the train to Copenhaguen, flew to Charles de Gaulle, and took the train home all by myself. and what do I do when I have nothing to do? I let my mind go wild 😉


everytime I take the plane home I observe people, and damn…it’s hard to say but french people are …weird…and often…red necks. this time wasn’t an exception , I got the GREAT opportunity to travel with what I can only assume was an adult Rugby team. they were big, they had broken noses, they were singing weird loud songs and were making stupid jokes.


there is also the other kind of red neck, the old ones that think they have seen it all, so they don’t even bother to say thanks to the flight attendant anymore, cause after all, that’s just her job to serve us food. and btw, what’s with ordering wine at 2pm when it’s 25C° ?  I had this kind of couple just in front of me. And let’s not forget, he is always there, the CRYING BABY. what’s funny is that the old red neck felt it was totally usefull to turn around every 5 min and give the poor kid the very “mean black eye contact”…the kid is 3 months old Dude..drop it.

crying baby

and to finish (to swedish ah ah 😉  the extremely anoying kid (around 12) being incredibly rude with his parents and asking questions every five seconds.

ps: a word about the French people’s skill in languages:

flight attendant: “you will be arriving at gate 2D”

french woman looking confused: “2D?  c’est deux D hein?”

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