One Year Anniversary ♥

on the 28th of April Dave and I have been together for a year (woot woot) and we celebrated our way ! first on sunday night we made a great cake !!

 …got all dressed up and gave each other our presents.


Dave once said ” if we do the same thing we are meant to be“… so that would be the second time 🙂

 on Monday, we took a trip to a really cute island named Ven and bicycled the whole day, we found a baby duck that we named Donald (btw in case you find a baby duck and think it’s a good idea to give him back to some ducks you see in the water. DON’T), we got drunk drinking champagne and eating strawberries by the ocean, we spent the night in the cutest place, we stopped by Landskrona and Lund of the way home. Just Awesome.



2 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary ♥

  1. That cake looks incredible!

    And so does the champagne.

    And the duck! How adorable!

    Congrats on your anniversary.

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