“to get a trim”

this is actually one of the very first expression I learnt when went to ASU, I remember it perfectly, it was in the very first days, BCM had organized a movie evening for us…damn I can’t remember what the movie was though…anyway, I was sitting there with steph, delph and sash and we had the BIGGEST popcorn bag I had ever seen in my life and Sash said ” I got a trim today”  and I thought…”God…I thought my english was good and I don’t understand a single word they say” 🙂 and Sash explained.

anyway, all this to say, I got a trim today..you actually can’t see I cut my hair but trust me it was necessary. But honestly, don’t you like it when the hairdresser takes 5 sec to wash your hair, 6 to cut it and 7 to dry it (no brushing or anything) and ask you for 40 euros???

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