just read an article about people who write tones of lists. List of places they wanna go, things they wanna do, books they wanna read, happy stuff than happened…

I like the idea. I do that too. but I never find THE list I started when I get a new idea so I need to start over everytime…



  • go to Australia
  • go to Asia      
  • go to Argentina, Chile… 
  • go to Seattle
  • ok let’s just say travel around the world with älskling 🙂
  • have my hair down to my ass 😉
  • be brave enough to dye my hair black one day
  • have a dog
  • go to Congo and take care of monkeys for a while
  • learn how to drive
  • go back to Jtown one day
  • get muscles 🙂
  • learn how to cook
  • talk swedish fluently


HAPPY THINGS TODAY                                                                                liste

  • it’s really hot and sunny
  • no class tomorrow
  • i found the result to the first math exercice
  • i got a little tan
  • älskling wrote that he misses me




what’s great with lists is they can go on for ever…

To be continued…

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