today was Boooooring. but that’s not the point, I don’t know why or how but we talked about the US and roadtrips … one guy in my class talked about the one he wants to do next year…and another told us about the one he did…and while listening to all those cities’ name, all those places I’ve seen…I could’nt help thinking about the mystery machine and the girls…and our roadtrip…damn I’m glad I decided to join my two austrian friends….  I have so many memories from so many places… it was an awesome month. who can say they celebrated Xmas in Las Vegas and New Year 2007 in San Fransisco…I walked in the streets of Sacramento, Flagstaff or Oklahoma city, I’ve seen the Grand Canyon and the death valley… I learnt how to sneak into an hostel pretending you’re only 2, I got scared hidden in the back of the car, I swam into the pacific in january, I “survived” a snow storm… and so much more… 


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