timetable and %&!*§!!!!















I shouldn’t say anything cause im doing my internship in the admnistration…but since I see stuff from the inside I think it also gives me the right to talk. (like i ask for the right anyway) I know it’s not everywhere…for example we work a LOT…but…

so here is my problem (among others) to apply to a Master next year I need some papers to fill in, and those papers, I need to pick them up (the fact that we are in 2008 doesn’t seem to be a reason enough to use internet and put stuff on line) so I have to call the offices and ask when they are open to go and pick them up. BUT it seems like it’s national understanding that those offices are closed : on wedsneday, from 12h to 14h (just when people could call during their lunch break) and then from 16h30. AND SOMETIMES, when you’re sooo lucky like me, some offices are open from 9h to 12h (wtf?)results : I’ve been trying to get on the phone with someone for a week now… and i’m getting crazy.


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