give me anything so i don’t have to face everything else.

may 17th. within the 3 or 4 weeks coming up I have 7 exams, a thesis to write, application form to send, a job to hunt for, vacation to plan, interviews to get ready to… and im freaking out.

first of all the reviewing part…well like every year since I started university, the month of may is tough cause I have to remember so many things in such a short amont of time, well you’re gonna say it’s partly my fault I should have studied everyday a little…and that’s true. But what is really at stake this time is to get into Master2.  And it’s not about getting a “pass” it’s about being among the best because they only take the best. and honeslty…Im don’t think i m part of them.

I have to look for a job for next year and I didn’t start yet, my résumé and my letter is ready…im just to scared to start sending them.

I need to finish my short thesis, I have 14 pages and even if it’s quite interresting I don’t see where im going…

planning vacation is of course the fun part of all this, but it also means Money…and I don’t have so much.

i don’ even know how to express my feelings about interviews…im just terrified cause i know how shy and unconfident i am…

 I learnt once…can’t remember from who and when that when, on pictures, people look towards the right they look towards the future…

I wonder what i’m looking at….


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