tonight, May 24th it’s the final of the Eurovision song contest 🙂  unfortunatly I won’t be able to watch it.

it might sound silly but I like this corny contest. It’s fun. I always take bets. Always hope till the end France won’t end up at the last rank. Or at least do better than the year before (not too hard this time they were before the last ones last year 😦 which is unfair I think cause the Fatal Picards are cool ) Anyhoo…this year we finally sing in English so we may have a chance. Go Sébastien Tellier !!

this year…there are so many countries willing to participate that they had to organize pre selections. So the final will be between : Portugal, Turkey, Gergia, Latvia, Sweden, Danmark, Island, Albania, Croatia, Ukraine, Greece, Russia, Roumania, Finland, Armenia, Bosnia, Poland, Norway, Azerbaïdjan, Israël, Serbia, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom and France.

And of course I particularly wanna finish before Sweden 😉

Charlotte Perrelli, the Swedish Contestant.

And Our Sebastien Tellier


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