freaking papers….

you’ve seen “l’auberge espagnole”, the scene when he explains all the steps you have to go through to get your application complete in order to apply for Erasmus? Well I’m applying for 3 Masters next year…and I think I’m gonna go crazy…they ask for so many stuff…

– all the diploma you got with the grades ( just for my bachelor I have 6 semesters, so 6 transcripts to copy)

– papers that prove you did the internships or jobs your talking about in you résumé

– a cover letter of course

– a résumé

– a letter in which you talk about your profesional goal (so what’s the point of the cover letter? )

– 3 pictures

…..and so on….

It’s 7.45 pm I’ve been writting, copying, correcting stuff for 2 hours and I only have 1 application done so far. And it’s not like I have anything else to do… I may cry.



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