not much to say….

that’s weird im by the comp…my hands on the keyboard…lots of thoughts in my mind and still…I can’t manage to come up with something to say… I know, maybe I should just shut up but you know what? this is my blog so if I feel like writting BS just because…I can. isn’t awesome?

So today I got my afternoon off thanks to the nicest co worker in the world. I still managed to get home after 2 cause I fell asleep in the bus and missed my stop (duh.) Then I got on the phone with Dave…so I finally started to study at 4pm …shame on me.

what happened lately…hum not much appart from me stressing out a little more everyday… I was supposed to receive a form to fill in to apply for a master next year I still don’t have it. I sent résumé and cover letters to 11 people so far and got 2 responses, one, not good, and one …interrested. 🙂

I received the tickets to go to Milano from Nice and then to Paris so we are this close to be done with our vacation plans 🙂

I agreed to work 2 days to help organizing a meeting at my university…and I should earn 150 euros which is nice and NEEDED.

One dude in my class got badly injured during the break (jumped into the water…not deep, the water). so we wrote little notes and took a pic for him. I’ll be honest I never felt so close to my classmates, but lately it’s getting better…


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