jag lyssnar på… I’m listenning to…

every year during the exams period I re discover my walkman, Discman, Mp3 and/or Ipod and the pleasure of listening to good music that puts a smile on your face and gives you the energy to go through the day. it also makes me feel im in my little world when I walk thru the city of Cergy (known for its crappy atmosphere). To sum up : music = good mood. 🙂

but not every kind of music….I have lots of songs on my Ipod and still always listen to the same old songs that give me goosebumps, make me dream or laugh.

  • “paperweight” by Joshua Radin and Schuyler Fisk  (you can hear it in “the last kiss” movie..w/ Zach Braff)
  • “I’m yours” by Jason Mraz
  • “Love you ’till the end” by Pogues
  • “The Galway girl” by Sharon Shannon and Steve Earl (2 songs you can hear in the movie “PS: I love you”)
  • “Mmmbop” by the Hanson…yeah I’m not even ashamed ! Nothing’s best to make you wanna MOVE ! 🙂
  • “I walk the Line” by Johnny Cash
  • “I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair” by Sandi Thom
  • “Beverly Hills” by Weezer
  • “hey Jude” by the Beattles
  • “It’s going down drty” by Young Jock because everytime I listen to it I’m back in JB partying at Nanu’s place 🙂
  • “Hey there Delilah” by the Plain white tees
  • “Don’t stop me now” by Queen
  • “My list” by the Killers
  • “I don’t want to miss a thing” by AeroSmith
  • “Hallelujah” by jeff Buckley….




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