jag vill inte studera…so i’ll write instead.

hum…okey actually I have not much to say. It’s just that i’m going thru such a weird period lately. I have very stressful days, I feel I have absolutly no time for myself and study a lot but wonder if it’s ever gonna be enough….  sometimes I think everything’s gonna be allright and sometimes…most of the times Im this close to sit and not give a crap about everything. But I can’t..maybe im too chicken (“nobody calls me chicken” sorry, Back to the Future flash back) or maybe I’m too …determined..lol I doubt that. but maybe that’s true actually… I started this year really…uncertained about what I wanted to do with my life and I was not really into my studies or anything…but now I at least know I want this stupid Master. just one more year. just 16 more days until älskling’s here. just one more month until i’m done with this 1st year. just 2 more months and im 22. woooaaa.


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