Vi har varit på Ikea !

woot woot went to Ikea today 🙂 I got sooo tired of studying so I helped dad and mom a little. they spent the afternoon working on the little house in the back of the garden… they put a new floor just looks AWESOME ! you can now actually lay on the floor or walk bare foot. We organized stuff a little and then went to Ikea to get some frames, mirrors and blankets. we wanted something to put our clothes in, a little fridge and a hot plate but the shop was closed. Damn I can’t wait to decorate and move in med älskling !!!!!

oh, and at the cashier finns en shop med svensk mat och we decided on Köttbullar for dinner YUMMY, jag wanted godis oxå men…ah no good for me 😦

I was so amazed to see how many people go there on sundays at 6pm it was craaaaaaaaazy !


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