it’s one of those days…


woke up at 6.45 to be on time for my law exam this morning. Honestly I had studied my ass off !  I know my notes by heart and there are a LOT. And best part, I even understand most of it. bottom line I’m ready. so how can i feel I did really bad. how is it possible to know…but not being able to answer the question??  damn that’s a crappy feeling.

next step, I walk to the post office, look into my bag…ookey I forgot the letter.

Then, I wanna print my résumé, the copy machine literaly exploded in front of me and then ate my paper.

it’s not over yet, I called around 10 people today to ask about my application. first of all, and I’ll just refer to a post I wrote a while ago about the administration system…you can’t get anyone on the line before 2.30 pm. Once you got that you’re good to hear “No” ten times 😦

it’s only 5pm…what’s on the menu for me next?


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