Min Lost and Found box är full of feelings

I’m really weird about losing or breaking stuff. I always read signs. bad signs most of the time.

yesterday I took my keys back from the mail box cause the woman who comes to clean the house…(I know there is a word for that…but saying maid….i just can’t.) used them. And…my duck was gone 😦 my quacking duck. the one älskling gave me for our happy us day in Brussels  😦 😦 😦  I looked for it everywhere. just can’t find it. I have to call her and ask. but really..where can it be?  😦

same day (before the drame) , in a fourniture shop, I open a drawer and found him. I kept him.



I guess a kid took it from a book. yeah I know it comes from a baby book. cause I bought it a while ago. yeah. I love ducks.

anyhoo…I miss my duck.


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