Tea fload

big drama yesterday, I dropped my cup of tea all over my computer 😦  when I hold it it was licking and  I got really worried. I turned it off, and tried to dry it with paper towel and the hair dryer!

turned it on again , it worked youhou ! but the mouse was going crazy. so i turned it off again for a while. when i turned it on this time it got stucked after 3 min and I was anable to turn it on since then 😦

im right now typing from my parent’s computer. which is weird. My dad drove me on his motorcycle to the hospital (mom’s a nurse and someone at her work is good with computers). so we basically went to the hospital cause my computer was sick for drinking too much tea. I don’t know what he did, but said it will work, just advised a good night of rest. I was surprised he didn’t advise any medecine. or surgery.

so i’m hoping now.

ooookey so it’s 5pm. my comp is alive but some letters on the keyboard seem…dead… which really sucks. means I need to use the visual keyboard to type H and G and some other usefull stuff… so it basically takes me 5min to type one word. didn’t realize before how many words had a H and a G in  in english   😦


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