stupid soccer and other complains…

yeah I said it. STUPID soccer.  I just think it’s stupid. I used to like it, the 98 world cup victory made a fan of me. But i quickly realized I was watching 22 dudes running after a ball. 22 dudes who earn more in a month than I will ever earn in a year. I hate the whole thing, the whole drama around it. They make you believe it’s sport. but in reality, it’s like everywhere else. it’s money. it’s money that make them run. oookey Mo why being so close minded? well first of all because i guess i am about a bunch of stuff 😉 and then because you can’ t ignore the european championship started yesterday i think. So all the boys are now organizing their schedule according to the games. it’s funny to observe in one way. and i guess it’s fun, they meet, drink beers and scream at the referee.  What i don’t like it’s when it becomes more than a sport and people get agressive so easely. this is just stupid.

im done about soccer, for now. 🙂   Done with my exams too today 🙂 didn’t rock this one that’s for sure. also had a meeting to talk about our thesis, which i think is stupid since we have to hand them in in 2 days…it’s a little too late to start over don’t you think?  the teacher recommanded me to change some stuff, which, you guess, makes me in the best mood ever.

to finish, i bought a product to ERADICATE all kinds of insects from the little house and I think this crap is gonna eradicate me with it. can’t barely breathe. oupsy.



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