Ireland’s vote will determine Europe’s future

“Ireland, population 4 million, is the only one of 27 EU members that’s putting the Lisbon Treaty to a popular vote. At the moment, this little country is holding a sword over the whole of Europe. ”

can’t wait to see the results tonight.

The Lisbon treaty was signed on december 13th 2007 by the european’s head of states. Then 26 countries’ parliaments voted it (France voted it on february 14th after Sarkozy made modified the constitution on february 4th) . It brings changes to the constitution proposed in 2004 but refused by France  and Netherland in spring 2005.

– the european council would become an institution with a a fixed president for 2 and a half years.

– symbols such as the flag, the motto are not referred to…which i think is stupid…

– national Parliaments would get more power …

lots of others stuff would change…I don’t get they wanna make it more..federal or less? they really should decide on something cause people are getting tired trying to understand this mess.  


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