sooo much to say, so little time

…Damn I miss not having the internet…I miss blogging…

I don’t know where to start, first of all im so pissed cause it seems like I can’t upload my pics on my comp anymore…..I really need to make it fixed.

Saturday was the music festival in France (fête de la musique) , Paris was crazy. people EVERYWHERE, dancing, screaming, drinking in the middle of the streets !!!  too bad a stupid dushbag kicked in a wine bottle which broke against my ankle  😦  I was bleeding quite a lot …that’s never fun. But we had a nice time anyway, bumped into Olivia, my cousin and her pojkvän…what are the odds?

…älskling and I  are getting used to live in the little house…it’s nice. and weird. I don’t know if mom is totally ookey about the fact that Im not here all the time anymore. I mean, I don’t wanna sound ego or anything..I just feel…it’s weird when we talk sometimes…and that sucks.

…I’m still looking for a job for next year…im getting pessimistic… 😦

my Master 2 interview is getting closer and closer and I’m freaking out, plus next week I have to defend my dissertation in front of my teacher…no need to say im delighted  😉

älskling is trying to learn some french and he has to come up with a new sentence everyday for my mom…it’s cute. and he is good !  My svenska är not so good on the other hand…  😦       reminds me that on the 21st we went to the swedish cultural center in Paris where they were celebrating midsommar (which is weird according to älskling cause it’s supposed to be on the 25th) anyhoo they were dancing around the poll with flowers in their hair..lovely  🙂

 oh yeah…Irland said NO…  so what’s next?  it seems like they still want the other countries to vote, even if technically the treaty can’t be applied now that one of the 27 members refused it. I think it puts our president in a really difficult position since he’s gonna take over the 6 months presidency of the union european council on July 1st…   I don’t know enough to judge, but I think, like we did in 05, the Irish voted because they didn’t know, they didn’t understand, they were scared. that’s Europe’s problem today. The europeans ; the very first concerned, don’t feel confident about the european institutions, they don’t trust them or just don’t get them. who could blame us? did someone actually “sat” with us to explain anything?   I am pro European, but I blame the european leaders. I blame their way of deciding without the people…are we too dumb or anything?


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