it’s one of those days ! matter what…shit happens…get over it.

I have been waiting for a while now for an answer from a university in Paris I applied to like a month ago, at the same time of one of my friend who got an answer…I know, not a good sign, but at least I expected something, a letter, good or bad. I called earlier today, so yeah..they refuse me 😦

later the same day, voicemail from the secretary of the other master I applied to in Paris, apparently they are missing 2 pages of my application…and what do they do when an application is not complete…they don’t consider it…   😦   she said i should hurry so I may have a chance though…anyhoo…I need something to cheer me up…but when we went to the bakery with älskling they didn’t have any raspberry cookies..what’s happening to the world????

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