are we getting a dog ? explaination

our “Nounours” (means teddy bear) died in july 2005 while my sister and I were in NY actually…(in the same hostel älskling, who I hadn’t met yet, and his friends were about to check in 2 weeks later…but that’s another story)  damn I loved that dog. he was the best. and I miss him every freaking day.

But lately I really really miss having a “little” (actually I like big dogs) ball of fur walking around in the house, being so happy when im back from school, always being there for my with its unconditional love… I’ve been trying to do the “nagging” thing to my parents for a while but it didn’t seem to work so well…maybe because im too old for that now..

anyhoo..I didn’t talk about it anymore…but this week dad totally fixed the old doghouse (that none of our other dogs ever used btw…) and he told mom he’s gonna go see some baby dogs next week, in the same place we got our nounours…and let’s be honest…if you’re “JUST” gonna look at THIS:



 can you come home without it???


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