Arkansas…I love ya… me neither …

I have this weird inconditional love for the state of Arkansas since that’s where I spent the best 6 months ever… I know what people say…”Arkansas ! Really?  aren’t they all rednecks ?”  well first of all NOPE, then, love is not something you decide. But I have to admit, AK is not the state that comes to your mind when you hear USA. I had to check the map for 25 min to find Jonesboro when I first heard that’s where I’ll be going. But actually I, we (älskling too) love it so much we already decided that’s how we’re gonna name our dog, if we ever get one 🙂  “Arkansas”  but the american pronounciation of course cause the french one is just…blaa.

anyhoo, we were talking about the US yesterday and about how weird this country can be sometimes, and we checked some old laws… so Apparently in Arkansas it’s legal for a man to beat his wife but not more than once a month (!!) ; The Arkansas River can rise no higher than to the Main Street bridge in Little Rock; Alligators may not be kept in bathtubs…  funny..AND scary.

want more?


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