some stuff to say..’s wooaa nice to wake and not have anything to do, at least nothing boring like, take a guess, studying, it’s 1pm and we didn’t do anything yet…well we did laundry; which is a huge thing for the lazy girl I am !  it’s sooo sunny we planned on going to Paris, lay in a parc and have a pic nic (how do you spell that?) I gave myself a two days break before starting to stress and prepare my interview  for Cergy ‘s Master 2… I got the letter yesterday, it’s  gonna be on wednesday 9th at 12h30, which I don’t think is a good timing cause they’ll be either hunry and consequently, grumpy  or willing to take a nap..anyhoo…

my presentation yesterday went…I wouldn’t say very good, cause they didn’t let me use my power point or do my speech, and of course had some critics, especially 1 or 2 that really made me doubt myself..but then again it wasn’t a total desastre either..guess i just need to wait and see, it’s just frustrating when you prepare something and don’t get to do it..

yesterday afternoon was really cool, I met älskling and Delph in Paris and we had lunch at St Michel (we are getting good at that , already been to 5 of the restaurants there), then we had AWESOME ice creams (RASPBERRY fo me thank you very much and walked around in the sun 🙂  ) 

woot woot today, France is taking over the European presidency…let’s see what Nico is gonna screw up first..   🙂


ENJOY the SUN people ! 


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