weather and Irony

so..monday and tuesday we literally boiled under the sun in Paris, don’t take me wrong det är inte a complain, I LOVE summer. It was sooo nice that dad said “on wednesday I’m taking you (sister, älskling and I) to the beach in Deauville”  awesome ! it’s a 2 hours drive but it’s so worth it the beach is huge and the city is so cute ! so this morning we woke up around 8 to get ready, I put on my bathing suit and a dress, we packed our towels and sun glasses and drove to Deauville…

well…it rained the whole way. once we got there the sky was all grey… and it was cold. then it rained. 😦

But we had a great day anyway, not the lazy tanning day we excpected but still, we had lunch in a creperie, we slept on the beach and tasted the water, we collected seashells, we shopped a little and admired the houses, on the way back we stopped at Honfleur, another city, soo pretty and had hot chocolate (yummy) and watched part of Federrer’s game at Wimbledon. just then the sun showed up 😉


it was a cold but really nice day…let’s see tomorrow’s weather..then it’s gonna be real irony.

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