I feel I HAVE to write something about her since it’s THE news… not that I don’t want to…it’s just I read so much about it and we’re gonna hear about it soo much in the next…weeks… im not sure what I can add.

It’s weird…for 6 years she was the most famous hostage on earth, everyone knew her name and her drama…way more than her political beliefs actually. Because she was also french, or just because we are human after all we felt that getting her out of there was our fight too, somehow it’s like we knew her, we have seen her children growing older on tv as time passed by, and now that she here to speak for herself again…I realize the only Ingrid Betancourt I know is the hostage. 6 years ago I was 15…and had no idea who she was… I’m not sure I have a point here so I’ll just say.. it’s a great news, a news that I hope made everybody smile for at least 2 sec.

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