Nice day, Nice mood and…learning new words

the day started early today cause I had my interview at the Engineer school in Paris at 10am. took me a while to get ready, I couldn’t find my shoes ! Dad drove me on his motorcycle but there was so much traffic it still took us 1h to get there ! Thank God we were on time, I hate being late especially at a job interview, then it’s hard to say being on time is one of your qualities when you just arrived late !

Somehow I wasn’t sooo stressed. well at least I thought I wasn’t but once I got in his office I felt a little less confident. especially when he asked me about Benchmarking… so I learnt a new word today..word that I was apparently supposed to know..oupsy. so for those we care, Wikipedia says “Benchmarking in simplistic terms is the process where you compare your process with that of a better process and try to improve the standard of the process you follow to improve quality of the system, product, services etc.”  🙂 

I started to do my little speech about exchanges programs, how I wanna work at the international office and stuff …. and then he said what they really need is someone to do some benchkating to find a better way to promote their Master worldwide…. am I interrested? Hell yeah. I’ll need to work extra hard in Marketing class this year, the job is something I have never done, it’s seems to be a LOT to do and it’s gonna be a lot of pressure but also …really interresting and different from what I did so far !

I told him I was still waiting for Cergy’s answer and he was really surprised we had to pass interviews to get in the second year of our own master, but I also told him I got accepted at La Sorbonne Panthéon and he seems to like their schedule more. He said he is not the one to decide about the “money part” anyway so they’ll recontact me…but before I left he showed me where I would work and asked when I could start…I guess that’s  good signs… damn that would be so nice to not have to worry the whole summer about finding a job… 

after that I  walked around for a while before finding the subway, met äskling at St Lazare, we had lunch by the Eiffel Tower, then had Häagen Dazs ice cream on the Champs Elysée ! the weather was perfect it was really really nice.. but damn my shoes killed my feet !


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