Blond woman from my Post Office, you shall…BURN IN HELL.


pic from :

All jokes aside, I’m SURE this Banana will arrive faster than the package I just sent, just because this B**** hates me and is gonna keep my package under her desk forever !

I HATE her I physically HATE her ! She has never been very friendly, with anyone, but our story goes way back, when I first came back from the US, in January 2007, I was very..let’s say fragile emotionnaly, and she managed to make me cry. Since then, everytime I go to the post office (and I pratically lived there when älskling was in Sweden) I hope im gonna see a note saying she retired or broke a leg in 34 differents places and can’t go back to work for another 20 years. Mean? ME? you should meet her.

So today, no luck she was sitting there, like waiting for me. I had this small package to send, I KNEW a big enveloppe would have been perfect cause it was kinda flat but she said it wouldn’t fit. if you say so. I was about to fill in the adress and stuff when I realized she gave me a package for France when I asked for the US. I had to wait for her to stop yelling at a poor old lady, and then she complained that I didn’t tell her it was for the US…why on earth would have I said it was for France?  After she gave me her “God you anoy me I have so much to do ”  look she said the package for America was 15euros. YEAH RIGHT no way im paying that that would just make you too happy. So I had to go home, find an old enveloppe, fit the stuff in (it DID fit) and go back to the Devil’s house to send it. It’s a freaking post office how can she not sell me an enveloppe and just send the stuff for crying out loud?

yeah i’m pissed.

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