french people and their baguettes !

I had my second interview today at 3pm, I arrived early and was kinda hungry …all I had in my wallet was 1euro( woot woot) so I decided on a baguette at 95 cents (that’s stealing!) …then I realized…wtf am I gonna do with my baguette at the interview !!??? that would look  a little odd to show up with it under my arm like it’s totally normal ! (people might have this image of french people walking around with a beret a cigarette and a baguette, still we don’t go to interviews with it !)   so I had to stuff myself with half the baguette until it was small enough to fit in my small bag ! stupid me! im now full of bread !

3 thoughts on “french people and their baguettes !

  1. Mon royaume pour une baguette!!! You do not realize how lucky you are to be able to walk around with a baguette in your handbag.
    If I lived in France, I’d carry an extra-large purse at all times for the baguette (and an extra-pocket for the petit eclair au cafe.)
    I live in Texas. We do not have real bread. My handbag is thus quite wee.

  2. Hey- wait a minute…are you saying that French people DON’T walk around with berets on their heads, cigarettes dangling from their lips, and baguettes tucked jauntily beneath their arms? I thought that was standard.

    I guess I’m not ENTIRELY disappointed, though. You still went to an interview with half a baguette in your handbag. Considering I’ve never had even PART of a baguette in my handbag, it still qualifies as a charmingly “French” handbag ingredient.

    I did find a biscuit in my bag the other day, left over from breakfast two days before. I ate it, even though it tasted like mint, from being stored too close to my chewing gum.

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