Paris or Cergy?

a question that no students in their right minds would even take time to ask themselves…Paris, Duh, especially when it’s the well known “La Sorbonne” !…a question I never thought I would ever have to ask myself either !

So why am I so …wondering? I got accepted in both for my second year of master in international and european affairs, I’ve been studying at Cergy for 4 years now and complaining about it for about the same amount of what on earth keeps me there?

I guess because last year wasn’t so bad, it was actually really interresting, so interresting i didn’t care so much where i was anymore. on the “bad” side…some teachers there REALLY get on my nerves. I guess deep down im scared, scared to change, to fail in Paris.

I found a job today for next year ! my interview last friday went well, I saw them again today…I just have to decide what university and re contact them.. means I have to make a decision pretty fast…what do I want what do I want? what is the best for me…?  damn…I need help.

One thought on “Paris or Cergy?

  1. LA SORBONNE!!! it’s good to change sometimes…and i think it’s the right moment to change!!!

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