Sex & the pity

oh my….watched sex and the city movie yesterday night… I have no words. how can you have such a cool show and make a movie like that?  I don’t get it cause all my friends who saw it said it was really cool…  but it’s basically Sarah Jessica Parker trying on clothes and I always HATED the way she dresses… They could have had a comercial break for clothes in the middle it would have looked the same.

The other 3 get the little time left to expose their pathetic lives (except Charlotte who seems to get everything she has ever wanted)… and even the AMAZINGLY GEORGOUS Smith, Samantha’s bf, doesn’t make the movie worth seeing, just because of this stupid hair cut.

and to finish….10 years running after this non charismatic, non charming, non sexy Big, [ and about that how can you date a dude named Big and a dude named Burger? ] to end up left at the aulter…and still forgive  him with for only explaination this meaningless sentence “it wasn’t logical, it was love”  what does that even mean?

anyhoo..I didn’t like it. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sex & the pity

  1. I felt the movie was just season 7 or one very long episode. I’m with you- nothing good came from this movie.

  2. *shrug* I liked the movie. As a fan, it was nice to see the characters again.

    Now I will say the movie was very unnecessary. To be honest, everything was neatly wrapped up at the end of the sixth season. So I kinda viewed the movie was a valentine to all the fans. As a result, I could forgive them for the contrived conflicts and resolutions.

    But it’s over now. Let these characters rest. I wish they weren’t planning a sequel.

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