stupid is as stupid goes…


I’m on my way to the Stade de France, it’s july, 12th, exaclty 10 years after France’s victory at the soccer worldcup in 1998. Since the team seems to suck since then, they wanna celebrate. So they are having an anniversary game, with the “old” team, the one I knew, cause it was the time I actually liked soccer, against players from around the world (like Beckam and other fashion addict dudes)…. anyhoo, älskling is so exciting it’s cute…I’m happy to see him happy…so it’s all that matters i guess..right.

If it rains…I’m gonna kill a soccer fan, randomly, just like that.

okey..I have to admit, it was nice. the atmosphere was really nice. the stadium is huge, we had good seats, it didn’t rain and Beckam wasn’t there ! perfect 😉



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