so I took a 5 days break to relax but the things I had to face (some more important than other) didn’t desapear magicaly 😦

I finally decided on a university for next year…ok I didn’t send the mail to Cergy saying I’m not going, yet. But I decided on Paris. La sorbonne panthéon. I applied there 3 times already and it’s the first time they accept me, I guess it’s time for me to take a chance. It seems like it’s gonna be a lot of work but I need change, and the reputation of La Sorbonne is great even abroad 🙂

I also decided on cutting my hair. ah ah, no panic, I didn’t cut so much. I can’t believe I became one of those freaks who are close to cry when the hairdresser cuts 2 centimeters. But it took me so long to grow my hair down there ! I admit it needed to be trimed, I started to look like…nothing actually…or maybe just a very old lion. So I did it, it doesn’t change a LOT but still. and I’ll have the satisfaction of enjoying around 3 days of straight brushed hair !!!!

that’s an old decision im about to talk about, some months ago when we decided älskling was going to  stay over for the summer and hopefully more… I decided not to go to Sicily with my family … so here we are, they are packing right now..they are leaving tomorrow..and I can’t say it doesn’t affect me. they are going to a place we’ve already been 2 times and it’s just AWESOME, just the fact that the restaurant we go to makes Nutella Pizza should explain the awesomeness of the place… just picturing the beach, the sun, the food..damn I wish I was rich and could take älskling with me with them. I should stop thinking like that I know. I’m not unhappy, I know we’re gonna have a nice time with the house just for ourselves and then some friends are coming over….

decision to buy a new memory card cause I was sick and tired of my fucked up old one. the dude I asked about it said if I wanna fix it I’ll have to lose all my pics on it, there is no way I wanna do that I have a lot of my family and 2 great ones of a raspberry macaron !! So I’ll keep it somewhere safe until I find a way to make it work ! and I offered myself..(wait a min actually no, just remembered mom paid for it) a 2GB, so I can make around 700 pics  🙂

decision to celebrate my bday early with my family before they leave. so tonight !!!!!


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