yo, i’m back !

after a 6h drive, leaving the sunny bretagne and my crazy family for the noisy and grey Paris, we got home yesterday night around 11pm.

so, …5 days break in Bretagne with my mom’s family   is always something! Damn I love them, they are the funniest. I have 4 oncles, and as many aunts, and all together they produced 13 kids, plus my sister and I. so yeah we were a little bunch there. Actually älskling and I and some cousins had to camp in the garden. It was fun. the house is big but not really equiped to welcome 23 people at the same time, taking 2 showers a day (after the beach to get the sand out of your bathing suit and hair) .   

the house is about 500 meters from the beach so it’s really cool, you can totally walk there. the schedule was kinda the same everyday, waking up around 10, having a big breakfast with amazing baguettes of all kinds 😉  taking the kids to their surf lesson, going to the market, lunch with tones of cookies , beach and swimming when you were very brave (i know it’s july but it’s still Bretagne, the water was at 16 degres) home around 7pm, playing games with the kids, reading, and dinner. Yeah eating was a big part of our stay 🙂   Eventhough the weather wasn’t totally awesome I got a nice tan and my hair got so blond !!

and here is a cookie älskling made… everyone loved it 🙂

 to sum up, great stay.

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