Feeding myself with books

“Greating a world without poverty” I finally got it, we were at la Fnac yesterday with mom and since she was buying tones of books for her and my sis for their vacations she got me this one. okey I took it in french but I thought it would be better if he starts talking about deep marketing and capitalism stuff… I just started, so far so good. 🙂 

Plus, my whole family started to read these books wrote by a swede, Stieg Larsson, (he apparently died jsut after writting the 3 books), I read the first one in Bretagne and it’s indeed really good !!! Mom bought the 2 last ones yesterday and fortunatly for me they didn’t take them on vacations !



2 thoughts on “Feeding myself with books

  1. the first Milenium book is about a journalist who’s going through some hard times in his career and is hired to solve a 30 years old unsloved disparition. Enjoy.

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