my presents !!!!

like I said I got early bday presents yesterday night at the Crêperie (where else?) cause my family left this morning on vacations and won’t be home for my bday. Damn I love every single great presents I got !!!!!! I had a great evening !

so, from the top, a really cool key chain on witch you can download more than 100 pics !!!! From my sis.

A BEAUTIFUL bathing suit that  I tried on in Bretagne but found too expensive !!! (perfect, my 2 favorite colors !!) From my parents.

more limited edition M&M’s for our collection  !!!  (Indiana Jones, Shreck, Pirates of the Carabians!!) From Älskling.

A book…THE book, my favorite book. The first edition, 1969, of my favorite book, “La nuit des temps” by Barjavel (in english “the ice people”) …omg I had tears in my eyes, the book looks so…i don’t know how to describe it, I love old books,  this one is actually still dusty and it smells amazing, and the dude who bought it in the first place gave it to his wife on Valentine’s day 69 ! (there is a quote) and under it, my älskling’s quote, for me !!

Plus…so much money I’m wondering how my parents can still afford to go on vacations !  

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