AUSTRIA….in the oceanic ocean


when i was in the US, there were a lot of other international students from all over the world, and some of my close friends were from AUSTRIA. they had so much troubles trying to make people understand they were from Austria and consequently they didn’t have kangaroos. One of my friend, Manfred actually told me once : “I’m Manfred, I’m from Austria, no kangaroos, just cows jumping around”.  I thought it was hirlarious.

anyhoo, my friend Stefan, from Austria 😉 is staying at my place for a week and brought me this :



One thought on “AUSTRIA….in the oceanic ocean

  1. yeah. cool story, i had the same problem, but i went to austria and people asked me when i was travelling the rest of europe “is that the one with the kangaroos?” and so i’d say “no its the german one where hitler is from” normally got them understanding pretty soon so was all good.

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