22 + one week

yesterday my friend Manfred I mentioned earlier wrote to me on facebook (yeah) ” happy one week after birthday anniversary !”  cause he had obviously forgotten about the 07.30.08. actually I thought it was funny, and I rather have people thinking about me “late” than not at all.

So yesterday we went to Paris with älskling, Flo and my other austrian friend Stefan who wanted to shop. And when he says shop, he is not kidding. With him, I went to shops I had never been in before, because let’s face it, …I don’t belong there. We went to the Lacoste shop on the Champs Elysée, and to the Ralph Lauren one at Place de la Madeleine.  You enter those places and it’s a whole new world. People dressed up check you out and I guess decide in 1 sec if you are worth talking to. They are OVER polite, and it makes you feel like you went it the wrong store. But we didn’t care. We acted totally “cool” and my friend spent soooo much money it almost scared me.

shopping med 3 boys
shopping med 3 boys

After playing “Paris Hilton” we went back to real life and had lunch at Quick. Which is actually something I hate doing. eating at Fast food.

in the evening we watched Music and Lyrics…again…and we laught and sang along…again.

the night has been crazy. I don’t recall such a storm in months !


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