the last supper

..i’m hungry. (that has NOTHING to do with anything)


we saw the last supper in Milan. It’s so fragile that they only let like 15-20 people in at the same time and for only 15-20 minutes. And you have to book at least 2 days in advance !!  Thank God for me älskling got the idea and booked months ago. It’s really something you don’t wanna miss. I don’t know so much about art but truly…this one…when you get in the long dark room and turn your head to the right wall…woooaaa. I had tears in my eyes. for real. it’s breath taking.

silly me I thought it was in a frame. me:” why is it in Milan? why not in the Louvre?” älskling : “euh…it’s painted on a wall, it’s not like they gonna move the church”.  next time, read the guide first.

you can see the pic on the “Trips” page, in Milan 🙂  (yeah you’re not supposed to take pics …) 

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