nej, jag är inte Svensk…men

I hear about Sweden a lot lately, I don’t know if it’s because Im paying more attention… 2 days ago in the train a dude said “oh a blond swede” 🙂 and last week mom brought us back enormous chewing gums and she didn’t realized that the package was in Swedish, looks like there is a godis shop in Paris !!!!! First english class yesterday afternoon, the teatcher seems nice and her british accent is amazing. We talked about the way people abroad see french people. “Rude, Arrogant, hairy women” basically. It was quite fun to read what some people write about french people. Then we came to talk about Scandinavia, and Sweden 🙂

It’s been freaking freezing lately, but I don’t wanna give up, I’ll wear a skirt if I want to !!!!!!!!!!!!


 J’entend parler de la Suède de plus en plus en ce moment…peut être parceque je suis plus attentive 😉  Il y a 3 jour un mec dans le métro est passé en disant ” oh une suédoise blonde”. La semaine dernière Mom nous a ramené des super gros  chewing gum et elle n’avait pas remarqué que le paquet était en suédois, donc il y un un magasin de Godis dans Paris !!!! Premier cours d’anglais hier aprém, la prof est sympa et son accent british est extra ! On a discuté de la vision qu’a le reste du monde de la France et des Français. ” mal poli, arrogant, et femmes poilues” pour résumer. C’était trés marrant de lire tout ça. Et puis…on a parlé de la de la Suède !!! 🙂

Il fait super froid en ce moment, mais je ne lâcherai pas. Si je veux mettre une jupe je la mets !!!!


3 thoughts on “nej, jag är inte Svensk…men

  1. Mais oui la Suède est trendy en ce moment…

    Pour ma part, j’ai très envie d’y aller depuis que j’ai lu la trilogie Millénium. Ça m’a occupé une bonne partie de mon été… 😉

  2. Last week, I heard a guy who sits behind me in class saying “French people are assholes!” like he was some kind of authority on the French. And the girl with whom he was speaking said, “Oh, that’s so silly. Not all French people are assholes.” And he said, “Okay. Maybe not. But the French people in PARIS are all assholes. Seriously.”

    My friend and I were eavesdropping and rolled our eyes at each other. HE sounded like an asshole to me.

    If people around the world think the French are rude and hairy, don’t feel too bad about it. That’s practically complimentary compared to how people perceive us Americans!

    (Although I’m not so sure we don’t deserve it…..)

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