my raspberry dream come true

I know I can’t shut up about raspberry now but I just found an awesome site yesterday right here, it’s Caroline Sebilleau’s website, she is an artist who’s apparently as much in love as me (it happens more often thatn we think) with the raspberry, she makes a lot of stuff “raspberry wise” (but not only) including this amazing necklace (no need to say that I totally WANT it), great news for me she has shops in Paris, i’ll go there soon 🙂 the raspberry story (in french) she even explains why the raspberry is redish, Ida, the daughter of the king of Crete was in charge of taking care of baby Zeus, to stop him from crying she wanted to grab a raspberry (white at that time) and hurt herself on a thorn, blood came out and tinted the rasberry 🙂                                                  Je sais que je n’arrête plus avec les framboises en ce moment, mais je viens de tomber sur ce site juste là, c’est celui de Caroline Sebilleau, une artiste qui aime les framboises à la folie, tout comme moi (ça arrive plus qu’on ne le croit), elle crée tout plein de choses autour de la framboise (mais pas seulement) dont ce collier extra (pas besoin de préciser que je le VEUX) et super nouvelle, il y a des boutiques dans Paris. Elle raconte même pourquoi la framboise à cette couleur 😉     l’histoire de la framboise

2 thoughts on “my raspberry dream come true

  1. I purchased this necklace for my girlfriend a couple years ago from the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, and she lost it. It was her favorite! I can’t find it anywhere online, and I can’t travel to Paris. Do you know where I can find one?


    Chris (Please email me if you have any info)

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