boys get cars, girls… fashion.

Yesterday night, dad, älskling and I went to the auto show in Paris. This huge cars exhibit they have every 2 years. I know, I know what you think…who MADE you go? I went because I wanted to spend some times with my dad, and älskling was really excited about it. It was ok, some cars are amazing. But after a while something else caught my attention. The girls outfits. Every brand hires a bunch of girls to smile and hand brochures and they all have different uniforms. It was really fun to check out. But my pics are not so good unfortunatly.


Hier soir, j’ai été au salon de l’auto avec Paps et älskling. Je sais, je sais, vous vous dites, mais POURQUOI? je voulais simplement passer un peu de temps avec mon papa, et älskling avait super envie d’y aller… J’ai passé un bon moment, certaines bagnoles sont incroyables ! Mais a partir d’un moment quelque chose d’autre a attiré mon attention, les tenues des filles, payées pour sourire et distribuer les prospectus des differentes marques, elles portaient toutes un uniforme…plus ou moins saillant. Dommage que mes photos soient mauvaises, ça valait le coup d’oeil.


7 thoughts on “boys get cars, girls… fashion.

  1. I heard about this Paris auto show on the radio yesterday, and they did mention all the exciting outfits the girls were wearing. They also talked about an electric car that some guy was showing there- supposedly he will lease the car to people for $700 a month, which is pretty outrageous, if you ask me!

  2. yeah prices are just UNBELIEVABLE !! the only one I found in my range of prices (and actually i would only be able to afford it if I saved EVERY salary I get until next september) is the smallest tiniest car that you don’t even need a licence to drive lol

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