05.11.08 5 am YES WE CAN



OBAMA’s president. It’s really happening. It was a long and awesome night. Elsa and 2 of her friends picked me up around 1am, I admit my motivation was not as high as 2 or 3 hours earlier but I pushed myself to stay awake. We drove to the Palais M, a club under the Palais des Congrés, not far from the Arche de Triomphe in Paris. There, we met w/ some more of Elsa’s friends and…more than hundred people in line (or what was supposed to be a line). It was a real, total mess. They didn’t expected so many people and were totally overwhelmed. They had a list of names and everyone was trying to get their attention. After at least 1.30 we managed to all get in. Inside it was…croweded. I was a little worried, thinking I’ll have to wait 5 hours like this but we ended up spending the night on confortable couches, thanks to dsc09933Elsa and her friends who study journalism and pretended (or for some of them it was true) to have an article to write about this event, so we got in the press “area”. woot woot. The atmosphere was really cool, big screens showed the different states races’ progress all night, loud music entertained us during breaks and thank God we had red bull 🙂  At 5am, we knew and then it was just hugs and smiles and happy tears everywhere you looked. Except for that Republican that obviously got lost there. We waited for the speeches, Mc Cain’s was honestly really good, respectful and smart. Obama’s could have been better I think but who cares?   We ended the night w/ Brioches and Champagne in the car at 7am, then drove Elsa to school (yes she can) and went home.

I believed in it, I really did. And I’m so glad I got to live this moment. Live history.


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