Lovely France, baguettes, Berêts and F****** strikes !

so they don’t even bother telling what they complain about anymore. They just strike. I’m starting to think it’s for fun (let’s face it driving a train seems pretty boring), or bets (who can strike the longest?) or just cultural (we didn’t strike this year yet guys !), the point is, they just announce it on TV (how nice) and if you’re lucky enough to work/study in Paris and live in the suburb (like me)  you’re on for a living nightmare. 

You get up earlier cause you know you’ll lose time waiting for a train that won’t come. You wait and wait and wait, on the screen it says “Next train to Paris at 7.30” and at 7.30 it changes to 7.40 and so on. At 8, a train shows up and about 2 billion people ( figures based on personal estimate) pile up in each wagon . No need to stress that this is just what you wish for before starting work, fight w/ your neighbours for your 2cm vital space, suffocate on that woman’s curly hair in front of you (happened to me today) and the best part is, at every stop before Paris, when you thought you could not be more unconfortable, more people fight to death to get in…damn we must love our jobs. And eventually, we arrive, 2h late, all sweating and irritated and a whole day at work in front of you to chill, and Then, you have the way home. 🙂 

  What I don’t understand is why we accept it? why why why do we let them use us as hostages in their useless negociations w/ a government that is not even pretending to listen !?

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3 thoughts on “Lovely France, baguettes, Berêts and F****** strikes !

  1. oh i so know what you’re talking about! i lived in versailles for the past five years and went to school in saint-cloud (only 10min by train) but on days they striked half of the class was missing. all of us could have easily stayed at home without even having to get an excuse written. now that we moved to berlin i luckily get to school by bike 😉

  2. I KNOW it’s crazy isn’t? like at least 5 persons didn’t show up today in class, and it just took me 2hours to get home tonight !

    5 years in Paris and now Berlin..;wooaaa 😉 what do you do?

  3. well i’m still attending school but because of my dad’s job we moved a lot in the past. but i think we’re going to stay here for at least three years, then i’ll be done with school and – who knows – maybe i’ll even return to france for my studies? (: best regards, coco

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