07.11.08 Family and Marketing Frustration

It was my cousin’s 20th bday yesterday so after class I went to her place where her family had dsc09976organized a small “get together” surprise, it was really nice and I got to try sushi for the very first time of my life (I know, Im 22 it’s pathetic).  Before that I went on the Champs Elysées to find her a present and I have to admit my marketing teacher was right, we buy stuff we don’t need to overcome frustration…I think my frustration is that I can’t get enough raspberries (eventhough I had had a raspberry tartelette for lunch AND the day before my sister brought me a really cool Raspberry Brioche from Paul, a really really good Parisian bakerydsc09936)



So I have to compensate w/ other stuff….(yesterday it was raspberry parfum and lipsalve )  

I slept over at their place cause I felt REALLY tired, and when I woke up this morning I felt REALLY SJUK/SICK….bugs me sooo much cause it’s a long weekend coming up (tuesday’s a red day and I don’t work on monday 🙂 )


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