in exactly 10 days I’ll be heading to SWEDEN (well actually Denmark and then I’ll take a train to Malmö but anyhoo) I’m so excited I haven’t been to Sverige in 6 months !

This weekend is/was a 4 days weekend since tomorrow is a red day, it’s awesome. Less awesome is the fact that I ‘ve been like totally sick the last two days and, I swear it’s true, spent them watching 32 episodes of “How I met your mother” I started on saturday afternoon w/ the very first episode of season 1 cause one of my friend kept saying how good it was and comparing it to Friends, and by sunday night  I finished season 2. I’m now starting season 3…I think I’m addicted. It’s really good. I wouldn’t say “Friends’ level” good (but then again what is?) but it’s really fun. Just a little thing that bugs me…I stayed in bed for 2 days, I didn’t accomplish anything and I feel a little gilty. It seems like I’m feeling a little better today, maybe I should get dress and get out of the house today…”it’s gonna be LEGEN….wait for it….DARY”  😉


image from here


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