november 11th, red day.

wwwwwwwwhat a sucky day.

oookey I do realize it’s like totally  politicaly uncorrect to say that on November 11th, commemoration day of the Armistice of 1918. But I did have a sucky day. and now it’s 10.30 pm, I have to go back to work tomorrow (i give you a hint , “sooo don’t wanna go”), I feel terribly bla and particulary stupid for…personal reasons. And, the cherry on top of that crap cake, the episode 7 of season 4 of “how i met your mother ” was supposed to be released today and I still can’t find it.

One thought on “november 11th, red day.

  1. Hi, Mo …

    What a simple, but interesting blog. Is it ok if we link exchange? My blog is about Indonesia. I don’t say it’s a travel blog, but maybe you like it (you’ve been there and leaved a comment).

    So, let me know. Thanx.

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