13.11.08 I was a VIP…

so apparently my aunt wrote a book. Not under her name, she wrote for someone and that someone’s gonna say she did it. But still. I had no idea and tonight we were invited to the…what do you say “première”? It was by the Montparnasse tower, at La Coupole, kind of a fancy place, there were a looot of free food and champagne, and also, a loooot of people i didn’t know. And I actually met a swedish woman there 🙂 Mum and I arrived pretty early and we waited like 1.30h for my aunt and my cousins. They eventually they showed up, when we were leaving… dsc00008 It was really..weird, all those people seemed fancy and “in” but a bunch of them really looked has been. Nothing really exciting happened. Until we left, and mom accidently gave away a 50 euros bill instead of a 10 to a homeless girl…   

At least the food was perfect for my taste 😉


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