16.11.08 Weekends, Ebay and friend’s jacket

lovely weekend, I think i finally got enough sleep, it was awesome to wake up bymyself and not because of my alarm clock. I managed to get stuff done, like a terrible spanish text to understand and sum up, presents to “make” or buy, my grandma to visit at the hospital (she broke her hip),  Gossip Girl to watch and cookies to eat 🙂 

I bought my very first item on ebay today woot woot !!!  I had no idea it could get so exciting to bid 🙂 Now i paid, and i just need to wait for it. Made me wanna check ebay a lot more often now. dsc00052

At 4 today my friend Amandine came for the goûter (means eating cookies and drinking juice) and we had a loooot of fun, we are trying to organize a “middle school reunion” and it’s hard to schedule something for 20 people scattered around Europe ! Btw, she was wearing the cuttest vest from Zara  !


2 thoughts on “16.11.08 Weekends, Ebay and friend’s jacket

  1. That sounds like a terrifiv weekend. I think it’s absolutely vital to have enough time once in a while to have fun and catch up with things you normally don’t have the time to do.
    I’m excited to see what you bought from ebay!

  2. oh, i hate alarm clock too 😉 item on ebay are wonderful 😉 sometimes i sell it, sometimes i do it form some person for a gift 🙂 i do it for myself too 🙂

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