directly from Sverige

It´s 6.30 pm and it´s totally dark already. In Klågerup ( the small village close to Malmö älskling lives in) you can see all the adorable houses with their lights on reflecting on the white snow carpet outside. It´s exactly how i dreamt Sweden before I went there for the first time in june 2007. i´m having one of the best weekend ever, for once in a very very long time i´m totally relax, i woke up late, had breakfast in bed (waffles) and then did the biggest snowman i ever built (for my defense i think it snows 1milimeter a year in Paris). We went shopping and all the stores already sell Xmas decoration, it´s such a nice atmosphere. We went on a hunt for pepparkakor och glögg and i can now smell the delicious pie älkling is baking. later tonight we´re just gonna have hot chocolate and watch a movie under a big blanket. This is perfection. 

totally in style !



3 thoughts on “directly from Sverige

  1. That sounds like such a wonderful day! You must have a very sweet boyfriend. I know how difficult it is to learn a language on your own – I’m trying to do that, with Hebrew, and yea, I don’t do it much.

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